Tree Trimming

Improper pruning of trees can severely damage a tree and actually increase the potential for it to become hazardous. However, proper pruning of trees is very beneficial.  

Trimming a tree means to remove specific branches to benefit the growth of the tree. The main reasons for trimming your trees may include: health of the tree, safety, maintain natural formation and growth concerns.

Dead, damaged, diseased branches, a dense canopy, narrow crotches, crossing branches, suckers, and water sprouts can all risk the health of your trees and need to be looked at by our expert professionals.

Pruning your trees can produce growth in areas of need or reduce growth in areas of concern. With accurate and precise pruning techniques we create and maintain a strong tree formation resulting in a safer environment. Not only is trimming your trees beneficial as a safety concern but also creates a more appealing yard.

The best time of the year to prune trees to produce more fruit and better flowering is shortly after peak flowering. Trimming of trees can be completed anytime of the year depending on the species of the tree.  Damaged, broken, dead and diseased branches should be removed immediately.

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