About Us



As committed tree care specialists, we formed A to Z Tree Care 10 years ago in order to provide the Twin Cities, MN area neighbors with the best overall tree care possible. By combining our years of knowledge and experience, we felt we could better serve the area and provide these services at competitive prices.

Our primary goal is always your complete satisfaction. So, we strive not to just meet your needs, but to exceed your expectations in everything we do.

Tree removal is always a potentially hazardous process, and that is particularly true if the tree is near valuable property or in a hard to reach area. You can count on A to Z Tree Care to get the job done right in a safe and precise manner. We value safety at our company not only for our employees but for anyone or anything in our working area. This is why we as a company offer insurance to better protect ourselves and you as the home owner.

As the owner of A to Z Tree Care I have completed my ISA Certified Arborist certification along with continued education related to tree care. I am an active member of the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), MSA (Minnesota Chapter of ISA), MDA (Minnesota Department of Agriculture), and BBB (Better Business Bureau).

We have the equipment that can handle these hazardous jobs and still maintain the appearance of your lawn and garden when we are done. We can use our bucket trucks or ropes and harnesses to get to the upper limbs and lower them to a specifically designated area where they can await disposal.

At A to Z Tree Care, we are actually well-known tree huggers and enjoy using our expertise to help preserve trees, so they can continue to provide shade, protection, and beauty for years to come. We can prune to correct their shape or trim limbs that are encroaching on overhead wires. 

One of our favorite job requests is to help our customers with tree placement and planting. We can make sure the new growth has enough space to fully grow and that it is planted correctly to give it health, vitality, and a good start to a long, glorious life.

So, you can see why we selected our name, since “We Cover Your Tree Needs From A to Z.” Contact A to Z Tree Care today for a consultation and free estimate.