Stump Removal

Have stumps plaguing your yard. Strongly consider contacting us to remove these eyesores immediately. Leaving stumps in your yard are unsightly, nuisance, hosting place for plant diseases, and interfere with valuable space.

Removing stumps can be a very difficult and a dangerous task for a nonprofessional. Great consideration should take place when it comes to a nonprofessional removing a stump including: the formation of tree roots and surrounding underground lines and equipment.

Leaving the stump can be an option but will most likely require attention in the future as it can give out new shoots requiring pruning.

We at A to Z Tree Care use a piece of equipment specially designed to properly remove stumps. Whether you want to lay sod over the area or plant a new tree in its spot we can help you with all these needs.

We at A to Z Tree Care have extensive experience and training on removing stumps. We offer very competitive rates. Contact Us today for a free estimate at (612) 229-4478.